Book List for Social Issues

Book ResourcesDiscussing with your children the complexities of social issues inherent in volunteering and philanthropy  is a necessary but challenging task for parents. Much depends on what your child already knows about a certain topic, their age, or their emotional and cognitive readiness. The staff at A Magic Penny is committed to lending support to parents so that they can have meaningful conversations before and after service experiences. The following list of book recommendations is offered as a resource to help you enter into these conversations as a family.


A Magic Penny encourages parents to use their own discretion when deciding if the content and style of the suggested books are appropriate for their child. Age, developmental level, temperament, and prior exposure to similar concepts are all factors to consider. Once determining if your child is ready for a given topic, please read the book you have chosen ahead of time, before sharing it with your child. These suggested titles are listed from young to old within subcategories. A few helpful resources to explore some of these suggested titles further are Common Sense Media and Children’s Book Review. We welcome you to contact us for further guidance

Kindness, Acceptance and Community Service



Homelessness & Poverty

Different Abilities:   General, Seniors, Wheelchairs, Vision Impairment, Hearing Impairment, Down Syndrome and Autism

Health and Well Being: Medical Illness, Children with Illness, Emotional Well Being, Yoga and Mindfulness, Mental Illness

Comfort and Safety:  Domestic Violence, Foster Children, Bullying, Natural Disasters