dsc02888Gwen Fung, Director of Finances

Gwen was a native of Hong Kong where she started life surrounded by the warmth of her extended family. From the days since she could walk, Gwen could remember visiting the church on a daily basis. It is in these formative years that Gwen was first exposed to the idea of helping others, and the culture of friendship and compassion from her grandmother’s generation with which it came much like second nature.

As she continued to be inspired by her family, Gwen joined a teenage church group under the umbrella of the Legion of Mary. In addition to sharing the teachings of the bible, this group had a strong philanthropic bent. They would most often visit senior homes or hospitals where long term care patients resided. She had also visited a school for the mute and deaf during these years. Gwen recalls the strength and courage of the people she met in this period, and also the fun they had together.

Later Gwen moved to Toronto, Canada, where she volunteered at Under the Bayan Tree. It is a registered charity for individuals with intellectual or physical challenges. There, she would visit the campus, go on field trips with the group, and help the staff and clients. Their empowering belief of helping everyone reach their potential, promotion of independent living as well as community inclusion has always stayed with Gwen.

Throughout these experiences, Gwen has learned that there are many people who need help, and issues which need our attention. Sometimes the smallest, seemingly insignificant gesture can bring joy to all. Now, with her own family, she hopes to impart some of these concepts to their son. This is also the chapter where they encounter A Magic Penny and look forward to being a part of much more in the coming years.

Gwen is a graduate of the St. Mary’s University in Halifax with a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce, Finance Stream.