Service Learning Training

Join us as an educator in our service learning program & work directly with teachers and students to integrate philanthropy into schools!

As a part of our mission to teach children, starting from a young age, to adopt concepts of charity, philanthropy and giving back, A Magic Penny is launching its service learning program. AMP will work with schools to develop programs that empower students to become lifelong philanthropists. Trained service learning representatives from A Magic Penny will help students explore meaningful causes and take action via our program design.

We are seeking participants with child-focused career backgrounds to become a part of the service learning team. You’ll become trained in AMP’s program components and be placed within a school setting to deliver customized service learning alongside teachers and students. Participants should be available to deliver instruction (one to three times per assignment) during the school day or within after school programs – to be determined with each classroom’s schedule. Please use the contact form below to register and we will be in touch with information on upcoming training sessions.