A Magic Penny hosts family-friendly service events throughout the year which span a wide variety of social issues. We aim to provide a breadth of topics for children to explore so that they may gain exposure to the many challenges society faces today in a safe and age-appropriate manner. As families engage in learning

about these topics through our events, they can begin to discover what causes speak to them for further exploration together.

A Magic Penny’s calendar of events span the following categories:

  • The Environment
  • Animals
  • Differing Abilities
  • Homelessness & Poverty
  • Health & Well Being
  • Comfort & Safety

A Magic Penny works in conjunction with local nonprofits who address the above social issues within the community. Together, we create volunteer opportunities that meet a specific and authentic need for these partnering organizations.

Our volunteers help fulfill these needs at A Magic Penny events in a variety of ways. For certain events we plan indirect volunteering activities that provide a service for an organization, such as hosting donation drives, organizing donated goods, cooking and baking, writing inspirational letters and cards or cleaning the beach. At other events we work directly with the clients of an organization. This might include reading to children, doing an art projects with seniors or playing at a park with kids of differing abilities. Some events may be learning based (designed specifically to teach children about a cause), such as touring a food pantry, visiting an animal shelter, or exploring a local museum exhibit to learn about how to safely prepare for earthquakes.

Together these experiences demonstrate to our youth volunteers that everything from being informed about a cause to helping someone face-to-face is a valuable way they can be agents of change in their community.

Explore our extended gallery to see more of A Magic Penny’s events and family volunteers in action!

Past Events

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