Ambassadors & Highlighted Volunteers

Connor Jean Jacket CroppedA Magic Penny welcomes Connor Dean as a Youth Ambassador!  Thank you, Connor, for your support and dedication to the mission of A Magic Penny- to teach and provide opportunities for families to model philanthropy to children.  We look forward to your involvement in meaningful causes and the great role model you will be for other youth in A Magic Penny!

Actor Connor Dean is best known for his recurring role as “Butch the Bully” in Cool Cat Saves the Kids and Cool Cat Stops Bullying with Vivica A. Fox and Erik Estrada. The “Butch the Bully” character has reached cult status sparking memes and Fandom pages. He was also “Noah” on Legit and “Connor” in The Lost Medallion: The Adventures of Billy Stone. Connor is a USTA competitive tennis player and a gifted musician.  He speaks out against bullying and enjoys working with animal and children’s causes. 

Twitter // Facebook: @TheConnorDean