New Partners!

We are so fortunate to have formed so many partnerships with local businesses throughout Los Angeles, and wanted to highlight 2 of them.

Angeles Mannies was created to address and advocate the need for more males nannies in childcare. It was created by a former ‘manny’ who felt males were under-represented when it came to the specific needs of certain families. Angeles Mannies has the most caring, educated and professional community of male nannies and domestic staff with the aspiration of providing the best care to your children and your household.

CityMoms is a personalized search engine to help parents quickly and cost effectively discover and book the best local activities in their neighborhood daily. We provide exclusive access to drop in to classes and activities at a moment’s notice when it fits your busy schedule—plus members only pricing.

Thank you for being a part of our organization and helping support our mission.

To engage families, with children of all ages, in philanthropy through frequent and diverse volunteer and charitable opportunities



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