A Letter from the Founder

A7m2a1887 Magic Penny was inspired by my generous, loving mother-in-law’s philanthropic nature and magical presence. Bila’s memory lives in our hearts and we want to share her guiding light with the world. She demonstrated how giving is always gratifying, and she often sang, ‘love is something if you give it away, it will come right back to you.’

It is in Bila’s honor and memory that A Magic Penny was founded on July 15th, 2015. A Magic Penny provides motivation and support to empower parents who want to introduce altruism, social awareness, community service, and environmental care to children through volunteer activities.

Throughout my childhood, my parents were role models for philanthropy. They were board members for nonprofit programs and encouraged my brothers and I to volunteer. When I was eight years old, we delivered food to a struggling family during the holiday season. I cherish and thank my parents for these meaningful experiences which have motivated me to volunteer with my own children. It is a great pleasure to share these opportunities with your family and together watch our children flourish as philanthropists.

I am filled with joy and excitement to share the progression of A Magic Penny’s evolvement from an idea to an organization. We began with Evite invitations, transitioned to a Meetup group, and are now a nonprofit organization. What began as an idea and Bila’s inspiration, is now an organization dedicated to empowering philanthropy in children.

We are proud to announce A Magic Penny’s Nonprofit status, established board and leadership team, and launch of our website! We hope you will explore our website and join us as we give back to the world.

As we create new programs and events and spread our outreach to more partner organizations and communities, we rely on financial contributions from our own leadership team and event participants. We encourage you to make a donation if you are able. Contributions help support event costs, such as supplies, snacks, and goods donated to the receiving nonprofit partner.

Welcome to A Magic Penny! We look forward to sharing this heartwarming journey with you!

Lauren Alon, Founder of A Magic Penny

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