Help Save Lives at A Magic Penny’s Blood Drive

Date: Sunday, August 28, 2016

Time: 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM
Location: Our Lady of Peace
15444 Nordhoff Street, North Hills, CA (see map)

Go to the Parish Hall

You can save three lives while your child becomes a Pint Size Hero! Join A Magic Penny for a blood drive with American Red Cross.

Adults can donate blood and/or help with registration as people enter. Children can help with registration and/or care for donors who just finished. Everyone who participates will be given an explanation of how the entire process works.

We will provide child-care for families if parent(s) are busy donating blood. There will be a table with related art projects for children. They can also watch and hand out snacks, drinks, and stickers to donors.

The American Red Cross website is full of information regarding donating blood, suggestions for before and after, recipients’ stories, and eligibility requirements: If you are unsure if you are eligible to donate blood, you can call the nurse’s hotline at 866-236-3276.

To make an appointment, please visit and enter sponsor code: OurLadyofPeace. Under Donor ID please put A Magic Penny. If you have trouble or would rather we reserve your time slot, reply with a comment to this event or email Tracy at

Whether or not you donate blood, please consider helping with registration or after-care with your child(ren). If you plan on doing so, please let us know what time and how long you would like to volunteer.

This is a wonderful opportunity for your family to learn about another form of giving. It is also an interesting lesson in biology. Our goal is for A Magic Penny families to donate at least 10 pints of blood. Together we can save 30 lives!


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